Fondation Folon (c) DR

Fondation Folon

8, 9, 10 November 2019

"I’m not really a painter, or a draftsman, or a poster artist, or a writer, or an engraver.
I’m neither abstract nor figurative. I don’t belong to any school.
I never set out to become part of the history of art.
I haven’t invented anything, because I owe everything to everyone else.
I don’t understand my pictures, and everyone is free to interpret them as they wish.
I’ve just tried to depict my dreams, with the hope that others will add their own."



During MuseomixBE taking place at the Fondation Folon, participants used all their creativity to tackle an important challenge: making the museum more interactive through bold and innovative ideas. On the last day of the hackathon, participants were invited to present their ideas to the public in the form of a prototype.

4 teams, 4 challenges, 4 prototypes

inside the blue hat

initial Challenge

The missing room: the scenography of the museum was designed by Folon himself to take the visitor on a unique, poetic and dreamlike journey. But today, the museum is facing challenges and has to evolve. Should something change? What’s missing to improve the visitor’s experience?

developed prototype

Inside the blue hat: a serigraphy workshop in front of Folon's posters wall. A digital screen printer to re-create one of Folon’s famous serigraphies - L’aube. Put yourself into the artist’s shoes, or even better under his famous blue hat: listen to his warm voice talking about his art, grab the handles and spread layers of colours onto the screen in order to reveal Folon’s poetic blue dawn. (Instagram: @insidebluehat)

Team members

Chiara, Guillaume, Stina, Blandine, Pierre-Henri, Pierre, Mathilde


inititial Challenge

The irresistible path: two thousand hectares of greenery and a small building. How do you transform a simple walk in the park, into an enchanting journey in the natural setting chosen by Folon? How do you tease visitors’ curiosity and lead them to the Museum? 

DEVELOPED prototype
Follon me: a poetic and sonorous walk through the park with a "high tech" umbrella. A walk that invites walkers and visitors to discover Folon’s universe, artistic imaginary through an interactive walk by stage: 7 stops, 7 messages. The visitor approaching these elements activates the audio of the umbrella, evoking Folon’ s world with different tracks: quotes, anecdotes, interpretation of his artworks and a piece of music. (Instagram: @folonme.museomix19)

Team members

Elsa, Nolwen, Maroussia, Anna, Sébastien, Lise, Julien, Solenne

ear eye imagine

INITIAL Challenge

The untold: taking time. Imagining, feeling, dreaming. Folon did not want complicated written explanations. He rather wanted to let the visitor find his very own meaning in each work of art. How do you encourage this personal experience? Is this very personal experience accessible to others? 

DEVELOPED prototype

Ear Eye Imagine: capturing "the untold" through modern technology and "telling it".  When the visitor is watching the watercolour "La mer", the prototype captures the impressions, emotions and voice of the visitor towards this specific drawing, and translates them into a new, personalized version of the drawing, evolving with the tone of voice. (Instagram: @eareyeimagine)

Team members

Sarah, Clara, Linda, Thomas, Redmer, Laura, Melis

inside the drawer

initial Challenge

The unseen: watercolours, etchings, newspaper illustrations, stained glass, sculptures: Folon liked to experiment with new techniques. Several of Folon’s artworks have never been exhibited so far. Discover these unique works, pick your favorite ones and imagine how you would reveal them. 

DEVELOPED prototype 

Inside Folon's Drawer: years after Folon’s death, were found piles of his drawings, he had never spoken about. These drawings reveal Folon’s obsessions: hundreds of faces, thousands of arrows, that were an inspiration for his later works.  Folon’s early artworks pop up during the tour.  At the end of the visit, the unseen part of his work is revealed on the wall coming out from of a secret drawer.(Instagram: @inside_the_drawer)

Team members

Cathy, Maria, Cristina, Lieze, Aurélien, Kilian, Claire