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Museomix is a cultural and technological marathon of 3 days reuniting all kind of person to brainstorm et prototype ideas to create the museums of the future !

The Museum of the future
Museomix is an open
& connected laboratory.
In a race agains the clock, the participants harness all of their creativity in order to tackle an important challenge : to make the museum more interactive through daring and innovating ideas

People make museums
Museomix is a way to challenge museums by choosing a participatory logic.The visitors become actors, they appropriate the space, question the collections and contribute to the museal content by imagining new forms of museum mediation.

New technologies
Museomix is a treasure trove for museums. Over the course of three days, 3D printers, lasercutters touch sreens and other kind of new technologies are at the disposal of the participants to test and find out how these tools can contribute to cultural mediation

Open worldwide community
Museomix is a community composed entirely of volunteers, international and local silmutaneously, gathered around one single vision. The participatns experiment and shape new ideas thanks to transversality, the exchange of knowledge and co-creation. Furthermore, the prototypes developed during Museomix are available in open access, in the spirit of maker-culture