Philippe Brasseur – Facilitator

Hortense De Ghellinck – Content

Frédéric Van Roye – Maker

Hélène Jayet – Communication

Gwenaëlle Leleu – Graphic designer

Camille Urien – Designer Mediator

Jorgos Coenen – Motion designer

Charlotte Vanroelen – Kinect coder

« Ever wanted to feel like Indiana Jones ? Here is your chance ! After entering the cave, start exploring with your hand/torch, you may be able to discover objects you’ve never seen before. And after that, go experience them for real in one of the wonderful exhibition rooms the museum MAS has to offer ! »


There will be three images running on a loop/ To add the surprise effect, each image will have a special gimmick destined to startle the visitor and wake him up (eg : we picked the costume from Mongolia with the beef head and when people will put the light on his nose, he’ll start to project smoke out of it. Or we picked a mask from Oceania and when the ‘light’ will pass in front of his eyes, they will glow green).


Our goal was to bring the exhibition rooms into the Boulevard in order to make people enter them for real instead of just passing by.

To reach that goal, we decided to use the kinect technology.

By projecting something into a screen and making the people interact with it, we are hoping to spark their interest and their sense of wonder.

What are the qualities and advantages ?

  • The interaction with the visitor is optimal : it’s fun, playful, and also emotionnally involving. Plus, adults or children can enjoy it
  • The kinect technology is fairly new
  • There is not much material needed : a kinect and a screen, eventually a projector. Ideally a tv screen would be better than a blank screen because then a projector would not be needed (and thus would not stand in the way)
  • In front of every museum room, there is already a space that could be used (where the panels with the titles of the exhibition stand now). And it would not loose its purpose since when no one passes in front of it, the screen will display the title of the exhibition and when people play with it, the title can still be displayed on the screen.