ERICH the flying fish


Julie Becker : Facilitateur

Caroline Doneux : Contenu

Luta Valentina Morciano : Graphiste

Wouter Stevens : Mediateur

Louise Stokart : Bricoleur

Bianca Rubino : Communicant


Visitors are invited to experience the open storage through an unusual exhibition itinerary developed around ERICH the flying fish, which is part of the MAS collection.

From the beginning, the audience’s attention is caught by the numerous stickers and posters forming a path from the museum hall towards the storage entrance.

Entering the exhibition, visitors dive into a marine projection atmosphere and listen to the personal story of ERICH.

As they continue the itinerary, they encounter ERICH, a 3D robot flying fish, located behind the bars in the storage area (not accessible to the public). Equipped with tablets, visitors can see what ERICH is able to catch through a camera eye. In this way, they can see “through his eyes” what lies behind the steel grids, following him in different areas of the exhibition as well.

At the end of the visit, the audience is invited to find more items related to his story and discover the space by themselves.


The aim of our project is to trigger curiosity and facilitate the understanding of the open storage, by engaging with the audience in a funny and innovative way.

The mystery of the inaccessible part of the storage, behind the glass and the grids, and the interest in advanced technology led us to conceive the idea of a character, mediator storyteller that could access it and catch the attention of the audience. We could not envisage a better choice than ERICH the flying fish: masterpiece of the maritime collection arrived to Antwerp from the Pacific Ocean after a long journey.

ERICH, by virtue of being a robot machine, is able to move freely behind the grids and record footage live for the audience (though in the prototype version we used a pre-recorded sequence). ERICH the flying fish adds a story to the exhibition, avoiding supplementary text or objects display, thus creating a new fascinating, enriched and dynamic context.

Tools & Techniques

The prototype’s realisation has entailed different technologies and techniques: a robot, a swinging mechanism, a beamer (with connected computer), computers, camera, audio recorder, two tablets, a 3D printer, stationery items, such as papers, colours, tape and vinyls. Graphic design, storytelling and social media have played a central role as well.

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