Spot Saint Paul


Mediator: Xavier Depauly

Graphic designer: Silvia Baldan

Communicator: Aline Damoiseau

Content expert: Stefania Tagliaferri & Claire Lignereux

Coder: Samy Rabih

Maker: Noémie Verstraete

Facilitator: Eléonore Duchêne


General idea

Light spots in the museum room – all in darkness – on the cartoon and the tapestry in order to focus attention on some details. The experience will be highlighted by hearing and touching.


A black curtain hides the room. When the visitor enters, he is in a dark room. Sounds give a contemporary atmosphere, he feels cosy, at home, sit on pillars. A light turns on and spot a detail of the cartoon and, in the same time, of the tapestry. The light moves toward another detail and so on. It draws a path in the image, from little details to the climaxe: the decapitation of Saint Paul. Then the light of the room turns on and the visitor discovers the artwork in the whole. Thanks to souvenir postcards, he can pursue the experience and search new details by his own.


Tapestries. old fashioned art ?  Let us show that it’s not true ! Tapestry has many stories to tell you.

How to show the link between the cartoon and the tapestry? How can we share that relation with visitors?

We propose an immersive experience into the martyrdom of Saint Paul.

The martyrdom of Saint Paul is an unavoidable theme in the 16th art. The Brussels Museums presents 2 wonderful artworks : a cartoon, made by Pieter Coecke around 1530 and a tapestry inspired by the cartoon and made in the 17th century. 100 years later, historical context and taste changed… as well as the representation. What about looking for differences and similarities? A good way to watch more carefully all the details of the image.

Don’t be afraid of darkness, just come in and lets be “converted”!

Enter a room, all in the dark and sweetly, lights zoom on details of the cartoon and the tapestry. Ten stops sweep the representation and highlight details of it, until the ultimate climax: Saint Paul’s decapitation. In the same time, contemporary music and sounds complete this 5 minutes’ immersive experience.

This project is an opportunity to take your time and enjoy. Maybe you’d like to let your shoes outside the room (WE FINALLY DECIDED NOT TO) or sit on one of the pillars on the floor. Anyway, once the lights turned off, take a flash light and explore the tapestry by yourself.

The prototype is conceived for: 5 minutes long and it restarts every 10 minutes. For the afternoon, we decided to restart only twice per hour so we’ll have time to discuss with the visitors and answer questions.

After the experience, you can choose a postcard. We prepared 4 of them, with corresponding details of the cartoon and the tapestry. Look at your detail and try to find it in the artworks.


2 flashlights

4 Cerveaux moteurs HS4222

10 wooden cleats

5 wooden planks

screws & L in metal

2 pieces of  black semi-opaque fabric

rugs & cushions

10 flashlights


3D printer

2 SD cards

1 switch

2 arduino duemile

2 wave shields

2 system pan & tilt


1 introduction pannel

1 stapler



2 servo moteurs HS422

2  arduino cards Uno

2 arduino cards Due mile

2 wave shields


Arduino code and .wav file