Square of Stories

Skull Team

Natacha Savvides : Contenu

Nhu Sao Truong : Graphiste

Juliette Raskin : Communicant

Thomas Goorden : Codeur

Margo Tinawi : Bricoleur

Lienert Deprez : Mediateur

Claire Lebossé : Facilitateur

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On the 5th floor, people are invited to sit in a very cozy/intimate booth. They are in front of a screen which replicates the mosaic by Luc Tuymans (down on the Plaza). An introduction explains to them what the work of art is about and they can reflect through their own experience on the question of memory. They can zoom in in order to pick a tile. A patchwork of experiences, each tile is linked to a bit of story (told by an object of the collection, like a mask, or – and that is the point of the device – by a person). The visitor listens to this short story and is asked a question . Then the visitor can record his/her memory.(This part was prototyped.)

On the piazza, people can hear these memories by walking on the tiles. Their location triggers the voices. The visitor can also find out his own tile through coordinates (or other technical means).
(This part was not prototyped.)

Objectives :

The starting point was  Luc Tuymans’  work of art (Dead Skull, a mosaic of almost 100,000 stones), which can be fully seen from the 8th floor of the MAS. We noticed that not so many people were aware of it, and, definitely, people on  the Plaza had no clue that they were walking on a memento mori.

The introduction to the MAS also revealed something stricking : the experience of the MAS for many visitors is more a journey on the walking path going up to the roof than a discovery of the collections.

As a result, our goals were to create a link for the visitors between the exterior and the interior of the MAS ; to put into light the collections, very much related to life and death themselves ; to help visitors engage with the objects by sharing their own memories, inviting to collect their stories as part of intangible heritage.

Tools & Techniques:

– website & app

– lasercutting on wood (to carve our logo)

– Adobe Suite to design the logo (Photoshop and Illustrator)

– wood panels, fabric, etc.