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Let's face it: 2020 isn't a year like any other. However, the challenges that museums are facing today are at the core of Museomix action: participation, visitor engagement, technology and co-creation. In this context, considering the uncertainty of being allowed to organise our event 'as we know it', hosted in an actual museum, we decided to... hack our own Museomix Belgium 2020 edition!

Our team is enthusiastic to find museums willing to join us on this adventure on 6-7-8 NOVEMBER 2020. Read on and don't worry, we'll take care of (almost) everything!


Museomix is itself a 'mix', both a community and an event:

  • A PARTICIPATORY EVENT that aims to open up museums and connect them better to their visitors, turning them into open labs where everybody can contribute and participate.

  • AN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY made up of museum sector professionals, (digital) innovation actors and fans of artistic and scientific culture, each keen to share ideas, know-how and aspirations. MuseomixBE is part of the global Museomix community that gathers all regional and national chapters.

museomix dna

While we're making some changes to our 2020 edition, we're keeping all of the key elements of our DNA: 

  • A THREE-DAY HACKATHON: Participants have 72 hours to deliver workable prototypes answering in an innovative way a challenge museums are facing.

  • MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAMS: Our participants - also known as Museomixers - represent different backgrounds such as facilitators, graphic designers, makers and coders.

  • CO-CREATION: Different skillsets, viewpoints and competencies allow museomixers and museum staff to share, exchange and create something new together.

our 2020 edition

Given the uncertainty of holding an event 'as we know it', we are adjusting our format. But worry not, we're still thinking big:

  • A MULTI-MUSEUM EVENT: Several museums from across Belgium will work with us to co-create the event.

  • AN EXTERNAL LOCATION: For this edition, we want to avoid burdening a single organisation with the logistics of such an event.

  • SHARED PLAYGROUNDS: We will tackle themes relevant across museums and likely to stay crucial for the foreseeable future.

Museomix offers...

  • VISIBILITY: Participate in an international event that brings together a large network of people and museums and a joint communication campaign.

  • CREATIVITY: Innovative Museomixers are ready to take a fresh look at your collections and activities.

  • ORGANISATION: The MuseomixBE volunteer team, brimming with ideas and creative solutions, will take the lead on recruitment and planning.

  • TECHNOLOGY: A FabLab and state-of-the-art technologies.

...And participating museums?

  • PEOPLE: Allocate a project manager to be our main contact person and support the event preparation.

  • EXCHANGE: Reflect with our team on the themes of the hackathon and how they link with your collections and activities.

  • EXPERTISE: Participate as co-creators and mentors during the hackathon.

  • RESOURCES: Offer material support within your available means.

  • COMMUNICATION: Help us spread the word about the event via your channels.


Take part!

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