Welcome to the Museum aan de Stroom

Why the MAS?

Antwerp is a city on a river with a port, that has provided encounters and exchanges for centuries. The MAS collects traces of those exchanges and tells new stories with them. Stories about the city, the river and the port. Stories about the world in all its diversity. Stories about Antwerp’s alliance with the world.

The MAS is a new, young, active and dynamic museum, in constant movement and looking for new challenges.

The MAS is an icon in the city, a point of recognition, a landmark.

The MAS is an impressive building with a museum, among other things. The MAS is a total experience.


Hanzestedenplaats 1
2000 Antwerp
Phone: +32 3 338 44 00
E-mail: mas@stad.antwerpen.be

What are the main playgrounds?

The Dock

The MAS is build on a dock at “het Eilandje”, a lively neighborhood in the north of Antwerp. Our ‘museum dock’ is a meeting place for local people and we try to reinforce that with the museum square in front of the museum.

It is not only a museum square but also an artwork. Antwerp artist Luc Tuymans made a design for the square that still shines. For a lot of visitors the art is an extra hurdle to make optimum use of the square and we would like to change that.

The museum square, the museum dock, the historical Bonaparte dock, the pavilions, the quarter, the MAS is on a site with a lot of possibilities.

The Rooftop

The spiral tower and the roof of the MAS with a 360° view around the city is an absolute added value for the museum. It is a unique combination with the thematic galleries.

But it is also an extra challenge. How do we get the visitors of the panorama also to the museum?

In 2016 the roof of the MAS will be redesigned. The elevators will be lifted to the rooftop and and there is space on the roof for additional functions. The works are not started yet and together with the museum staff different options are kept open. An ideal chance to add something!

The Storage

The visible storage offers the visitors a view behind the scene of the museum. A unique surrounding about registration, loans,  storage operation and preservation etc…

A place in the museum where the visitor is sucked in the museum operation. The ideal surrounding to add cooperation’s with the public, improve the usage of space and fill the small exhibition boxes.
How can we give the public a louder voice in here?

The Web

The MAS collection is partly online. What does the visitor expect from this online tool?

Do we need to evolve to the example of the Rijksstudio in Het Rijksmuseum? Or does a catalogue sufficient? How can we play more with the online collection?

The Position

The galleries in the MAS are thematically divided and structurally built. Can we divide or fill in the themes of the galleries differently?

At the end of every gallery there is space to get more information on the collection, further deepen your understanding on the collection, the formation and the themes. We would like to give this spaces another interpretation.