Reminder for the Museomixer…

1. Event

Are you lost? Looking for something? Don’t worry, we thought about – almost – everything… Here, you will find an overview of all the super nice stuff we planned for you.
On the left, we also provide you with a map of the MAS labyrinth to find the escape.

2. Material and Fablab

Your nice organizers have invited the best experts and brought in the best material from the Belgian Kingdom at the MAS this week-end. Material and tools that you can borrow and use are presented in the following list which will be updated live.

For any question, please ask Sam!

3. Accomodation


That’s right… We have a boat! And if you can’t find it anymore, well, just look through one of the windows of the MAS, it’s downstairs waiting in the water.

Youth hostel

For those afraid to live the life of Jack Sparrow for two nights, the Antwerp city hostel and its world-renowned comfort is waiting for you.

4. Contact

You don’t understand Antwerp’s accent? Your prototype is not working as expected and you need a hand? You’re stuck in the toilet with no paper? Just contact your PR, Clara. She can solve everything:

Number: +32 477 48 11 80


5. Homework and storage

On Saturday, don’t forget to fill in this form before 4PM:

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Also, if you come up with nice pictures, videos, files linked to your prototype, etc. please, share everything on the cloud. We created a storage place here:



Password: museomixer

You’ll find a folder with your name in which you are invited to organize everything according to your needs!