Do you fancy a challenge?
Come and join Museomix!

1 museum.
72 hours.
6 playgrounds.
100 professionals and amateurs from every sector.
A huge variety of different forms of technology for you to use.

The Museomix method: meeting new people, crazy ideas, sleep deprivation, lots of fun, even more coffee, and a heightened sense of creativity.
The result: 6 innovative interactive tools that the public will love!

We are still looking for coders to join a team or help out in the Fablab

Send your application to

“People make museums” is our slogan. Museomix is a three-day marathon that seeks to allow anyone, be they amateur or professional, to come up with and prototype the interactive tools they have always dreamed of. The participants, or ‘museomixers’, have three days to dream up crazy ideas and make them into a reality. They work in multidisciplinary teams and are assisted by all kinds of experts including mediators, scientists, coders, tech experts etc. It’s all managed by an incredibly motivated team of voluntary organisers who will take care of your every need.

In 2017, remix the Brussel City Museum
on the 10th, 11th & 12th of November

Victor Hugo once wrote that it’s
‘the most beautiful square in the world’.

This year, the Belgian Museomix community will be remixing a museum located on the very square he was referring to –  the Grand Place of Brussels!
Learn more about the remix of the Brussel City Museum

Each team is made up of 7 different roles. Motivation is the most important quality for a potential applicant; amateurs and professionals are all welcome!

The mediator

Bring the experience to life!
They’ll make your prototype more accessible and understandable to the public.

The content expert

Check the facts!
This person is responsible for all the information within your prototype. They’ll make sure it’s accurate and complete.

The handyman

Construct it!
This is the practical member of your group. They’ll create the physical components of your prototype.

The graphic designer

Make it look attractive!
They’ll give your prototype an aesthetic identity which makes the public want to give it a go.

The coder

Make it work!
This is the technological genius. They’ll ensure that your prototype works, for example by getting rid of bugs.

The communicator

Spread the word!
They’ll manage your prototype’s profile and make sure that the public knows what it is and how it works.

The facilitator

Make it all run smoothly!
They’ll guide your team through the marathon, facilitating teamwork and helping you to stay zen.

How do I become a museomixer?

We would like to take as many people as possible with us on this adventure. However, for logistical reasons, we are sometimes unable to offer everyone their desired role. Should this happen to you, we will contact you to find a suitable alternative.

We request a 50 euro contribution from every participant. We recognise that for some people this will be an expense, and for this reason we would like to emphasise that this money goes towards the organisation of the weekend. It includes two nights’ accommodation (Friday and Saturday night) as well as food for the whole weekend.