What does Museomix cost? 

We ask for a 50eur admission fee, that helps us cover the cost of a great weekend you get in return.

What do you get in return?
  • sleeping spot for Friday and Saturday night (if you need Thursday or Sunday night too, let us know and we'll see what we can do.)
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks during the day 
  • a lot of fun
  • a lot of coffee
  • not so much sleep 
  • a fablab and all other material you might need to build state of the art prototypes
  • experts to help and advise you during the weekend
  • a great new network 
  • a lot of inspiration
  • and much more!

Fondation Folon hosts MuseomixBE! 

" I’m not really a painter, or a draftsman, or a poster artist, or a writer, or an engraver.
I’m neither abstract nor figurative. I don’t belong to any school.
I never set out to become part of the history of art.
I haven’t invented anything, because I owe everything to everyone else.
I don’t understand my pictures, and everyone is free to interpret them as they wish.
I’ve just tried to depict my dreams, with the hope that others will add their own."


Let's just say that Folon himself would approve of you making the Museum of Your Dreams at his place! His art is just one of the thing that will inspire you to build your perfect prototype.

Multidisciplinary teams?

Everyone can apply to be a museomixer.
We don’t accept applications as teams, but we support everyone to apply individually. All teams exist of seven different profiles & the teams get formed on the first day of the hackathon.

don't hesitate any longer

The call for museomixers is open until 30th of June. Do you still have questions for us, just let us know at info@museomix.be