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Museomix is coming to Brussels and is looking for participants!

Time to spread the news! It is in the Brussels City Museum that the MuseomixBE teams will set their hearts, brains and makery this year.  The museum is located right in the famed Grand Place: is there any better place for the first-ever edition of Museomix in Brussels?  During a whole week-end, Museomix teams will invade the museum to give a fresh boost to the collections and the scenography.  The Museomixers – geeks, culture lovers, makers – will be granted a “carte blanche” to make the museum even more interactive, living and open to a broader audience.

1 museum

3 days of creative marathon

100 enthusiastic people and professionals from all fields

6 new born playful and useful prototypes to be tested by the visitors!

« People make museums » is the Museomix motto.  Created in France in 2011, the Museomix challenge is to invite people to mix their ideas and skills with a view of turning museums into lively places, living laboratories, able to evolve with their visitors.

From the 10th to the 12th of November, coders, designers, museum-lovers will mix their skills, thoughts and crafts to give birth to interactive prototypes that visitors are going to test at the end of the very same week-end.  Right now Museomix is looking for participants until the 16th of July.

By welcoming Museomix this autumn, the Brussels City Museum gets ready to become a laboratory for ideas during three days:
by stepping outside the traditional framework ad setting a new ground to design tomorrow’s museum
by crossing the skills and talents of the museum staff and external users-designers to create new mediation tools
by opening doors to a dynamic community who wants to occupy in culture places to make them more lively.

This concept of participative event raises enthusiasm locally, nationally and internationally.  Each year Museomix is organised simultaneously in several countries.  This year, thirteen museums will open their doors to Museomix in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Discover a day live at MuseomixBE in Antwerp



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